Embedded Wireless Charger | Hidden QI Charger Mastercharge Invisible

Mastercharge Invisible Embedded Induction Charger

Embedded Wireless Charger | Hidden QI Charger Mastercharge Invisible


Key Features 

  • 10W Wireless charging
  • Fast Charge
  • 10 x More Powerful
  • Stunning Brush Aliminum With Matte Black
  • QI Certified
  • Advanced Charge Protection
  • Charges All Wireless Charging Supported Devices
  • Power Everywhere Feature, Place Your Phone Anywhere For Power.


Is the most powerful QI induction charger on the market offering the largest charge area, giving more freedom than ever before when it comes to wireless charging – no cables, no holes and no need for exact alignment. 

Mastercharge Invisible® has been designed to be installed to the underside of furniture, worktops or any other desired location. It is capable of delivering an impressive 10W fast charge through stone, wood, glass and many other materials excluding metal. 
Nominated for innovation of the year award 2019.

Produced to not damage the appearance of your furniture or worktops. 
Installations should be carried out by approved installers only. 

Mastercharge Invisible® is compatible with all QI supported smartphones, tablets, headphones and other accessories a full list can be found here.

Complete with CE, FCC and RoHS certifications.

Superior Saftey 
Our multi protect sensors ensure total protection for you and your devices. This includes overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, overcharge, overdischarge, foreign object detection and has short-circuit protection.

2 years manufacture warranty.

Patent Pending

With our Power Everywhere feature you can now throw your phone down anywhere on the charge pad as we also have the largest charge area on the market.


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