Wireless Charging Solutions for Interior Designers

Wireless Charging Solutions For Interior Designers

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[container padding="70px 0 50px" classname="megnor-history"][title size="small" type="simple" align="center"]A Little Bit More[/title][tm_divider space="10px"][one_third][service style="2" color="d8d8d8" icon="fa-globe" title="Worldwide Client Base"]Although MASTERCHARGE is a UK based company we supply and support many brands worldwide.[/service][/one_third][one_third][service style="2" color="d8d8d8" icon="fa-comments" title="24/7 Support"]Our team have been trained by the very best and are fully aware that customer satisfaction is what we are all about.[/service][/one_third][one_third][service style="2" color="d8d8d8" icon="fa-heart" title="We Love What We Do"]Being involved in both technology and customer experience is a dream for us, We love it!! You can not beat a satisfied customer, which leads to increased business and repeat business. [/service][/one_third][one_third][service style="2" color="d8d8d8" icon="fa-cube" title="Packaging And POS"] Each MASTERCHARGE purchase comes complete in a beautiful hand crafted packaging, complete with all the point of sale material you need to create great visibility and to let your customers know you have joined MASTERCHARGE .[/service][/one_third][one_third][service style="2" color="d8d8d8" icon="fa-th" title="12 Months Warranty"]Each individual disc comes with its very own 12 month MASTERCHARGE warranty to put your mind at ease. [/service][/one_third][one_third][service style="2" color="d8d8d8" icon="fa-play-circle" title="Social Shout Outs"]For every business that joins MASTERCHARGE they will be added to MASTERMAP and enjoy a social shout out to let the world know your onboard.[/service][/one_third][/container]

Since launching in 2016 and with great results across the U.K and Europe, Mastercharge have not only continued to develop never seen before technology that has significantly improved the overall level of customer satisfaction to the end users, but have recently put together a 45 minute presentation that is now being offered to selected architects and interior designers across the country. Talking about how wireless charging technologies continue to march forward talking about what the future has to offer as well as discussing how Mastercharge can help future proof your buildings.

Please fill in the below form to register your interest for a CPD to be presented to you and your team, alternatively please call us on – 0800 772 0538.


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