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Mastercharge Wireless Charger
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With over 20 built in coils and 3 years developing this product Mastercharge bring the most powerful QI wireless charger to market. Compatible with Apple iPhone, Samsung and all other wireless charging devices.

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Mastercharge Wireless Charger

The Mastercharge Wireless charging pad offers charging with more freedom than ever before - no cables, no delay and no central charge point. Faster than today’s 5 W wireless chargers, the Mastercharge Wireless Charging Pad is faster than many standard wired chargers available on todays market. The QI-certified charging pad works with all the Samsung wireless charging smartphones and is compatible with any other QI-certified smartphones, tablets and accessories, like iPhone wireless charging cases or sleeves. Absolutely no need to remove your case because our charger is capable of charging through most cases up to a massive 5 mm thick.

With our Power Everywhere feature you can now throw your phone down anywhere on the charge pad as we also have the largest charge area on the market.

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